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Employment is Key to a Better Baltimore

Arbor Dog Foundation understands that building strong families and communities begins with the ability to do meaningful work at a living wage. We partner with organizations that provide information, learning opportunities, employment, and job training to underserved communities in Baltimore. We want to highlight three of the organizations we support, that are doing great work in that arena.

Center for Urban Families

All In is the Center for Urban Families’ comprehensive strategy to accelerate social and economic opportunity and advocate for policies that promote equity and racial justice. Leveraging 20 years of positive impact and applied learning, the All In strategy targets two critical areas: chronic underemployment and family instability. The approach links individual accountability, person-centered case management, and supportive networks with workforce development training, education, and civic engagement.

CFUF works with 1,400 men and women each year through comprehensive program offerings that are designed to help individuals and families attain and sustain self-sufficiency. These include:

  • STRIVE® Baltimore is an intensive 3-week workshop that combines tangible skills, such as resume writing and interviewing, with attitudinal training that prepares individuals to obtain and retain employment.

  • Back to Business is a 3-day job readiness training that focuses on refreshing the soft skills and job search skills of individuals with prior work experience who are seeking employment.

  • Baltimore Boost is a partnership between CFUF and the Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) that provides individuals, with low incomes, access to work and life skills training, BCCC job training certification programs, job placement and retention support, and other supportive services to accelerate social and economic mobility.

Upon receiving our services, more than 57% of members are placed in full-time employment.

I AM MENtality

I AM MENtality is Baltimore based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization focused on assisting male youth between the ages of 7 and 18 with developing their leadership capacity, by offering educational and experimental opportunities.

Leadership Academy Courses include:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Anger Management

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Professionalism

  • Financial Literacy

  • Etiquette & Manners

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • Character Building

  • Resiliency

Counseling Services are geared towards supporting youth that have social-emotional, behavioral challenges, traumatic experience, adjustment disorders, independent living skills, social skills training etc. We have partnerships with licensed clinicians to support our youth’s mental health needs.

Various styles of mentoring available include individual, peer-to-peer, virtual and group mentoring, after school /school base programming, workshops, and conferences.

We offer tutoring support for participants enrolled in our programs.

We envision transformational leaders positioned to be impactful in their communities.


Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD) is a broad-based, non-partisan, interfaith, multiracial community power organization rooted in Baltimore’s neighborhoods and congregations. BUILD is dedicated to making our city a better place for all Baltimoreans to live and thrive. For more than 45 years, BUILD has worked to improve housing, increase job opportunities, and rebuild schools and neighborhoods, among other issues.

We build power to effect change by developing leaders in congregations, public schools, and neighborhood associations to act together on issues that matter to their communities.

Turnaround Tuesday is a BUILD program that trains its participants to act on issues as leaders in their communities and in their workplaces. Every Tuesday, participants, guests, and leaders gather at two training sites. Through shared stories, listening to each other, and becoming leaders participants take part in this second chance jobs movement.

Through strategic partnerships with employers throughout the Baltimore region, Turnaround Tuesday has put over 1500 (and counting!) Baltimore citizens to work in living wage jobs.

Is meaningful employment at a living wage for everyone important to you? Consider a donation to Arbor Dog Foundation, and we will make sure your dollars go to where they make the most difference.

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