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Partner Organization Helps the Victims of Mass Shooting

On July 2nd the Brooklyn community of Baltimore was devastated by a mass shooting at a block party. Two people were killed and 28 injured.

At the head of the efforts to bring relief to a shocked community, the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement has instated a 45-day stabilization plan. That plan includes mental health counseling, social workers, housing, healthcare, childcare, and conflict mediation services.

Independently, Bmore Community Food immediately stepped in, providing over 13,000 pounds of food to the Brooklyn community. Upon learning this, Arbor Dog Foundation donated $10,000 to Bmore Community Food to help them with their efforts.

Arbor Dog also discovered that in June an arsonist had set fire to the organization’s food warehouse, causing it to temporarily close. Roland Harvey immediately called on donors to help the organization get back on its feet. In one day he raised $15,000 for Bmore Community Food through Arbor Dog. That same day he was also in communication with Sarah Hemminger, who joined the fundraising efforts through Thread. Inc.

Bmore Community Food is a project of An End to Ignorance, Inc. In slightly more than three years, they have become one of the largest food rescue organizations exclusively serving Baltimore. In their 3 years of operation, they have distributed nearly seven million pounds of food.

This is exactly the kind of organization that Arbor Dog Foundation seeks out. Through our fundraising efforts, we provide support to people doing good things in Baltimore at the street level. If you want to help make Baltimore a better place for it’s underserved residents, consider making a donation today.

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