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Who Gonna Run the World? Girls!

Empowering women and girls in Baltimore is one of the key ways that the city will change for the better. Arbor Dog Foundation is invested in the following organizations that are investing in the education of young women to train them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Sisters Academy of Baltimore

Sisters Academy is tuition-free for students, thanks to generous contributions from members of our community who support us in educating girls.

“Our school was founded and is supported by four congregations of religious women. The purpose of our tuition-free school is to educate girls who would not otherwise have access to an engaging and challenging middle school education. We offer a rigorous curriculum and holistic academic program that encourages each student's intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development.

Our vision is that graduates of Sisters Academy will demonstrate the skills of logical thinking, perceptive reading, competent writing, and effective problem solving. They will be well educated, self-assured, spiritual, and committed young women who are so needed in our community, our nation, and our world. They will be leaders who make a difference.”

St. Paul’s School for Girls

“St. Paul’s School for Girls educates students in grades 5 through 12 in a community that feels like home, founded on principles of inclusion and compassion. At SPSG, we cultivate a bold and courageous community of unique girls who are ready to take on what matters most. We empower voice and nurture intellectual curiosity. From physics to philosophy and from medicine to management—wherever their passions and talents lead them—our graduates are grounded in their beliefs and confident in their abilities to become the steadfast leaders the world needs."

From the original foundation of our schools, St. Paul’s has been rooted in the philanthropy of donors who sought to establish educational opportunities to develop and instruct underprivileged children as responsible members of the Baltimore community.

Girls Empowerment Mission (G.E.M.)

Girls’ Empowerment Mission is a program that empowers high school girls by providing opportunities and growth experiences that will enable them to become independent, self-sufficient, and confident young women.

GEM provides girls with a three-year college preparatory curriculum from March of their freshman year to May of the senior year. In addition to service to others and college readiness, GEM’s holistic approach to helping our girls to graduate high school and become self-sufficient, confident, independent young women.

Participants in GEM have a 100% high school graduation rate.

Join Arbor Dog Foundation in supporting these outstanding programs that are focused on empowering girls to grow up to be confident leaders in their communities. Donate Now.

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